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Leaving something for loved ones when you die is something many of us aim for but if this inheritance is a certain size, then inheritance tax becomes an issue.  However there are legitimate and legal ways to reduce or even avoid this and by working with Inheritance tax advisers in Portsmouth, you can plan ahead and prepare for this.

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Plan your estate

It can seem a little unsettling to plan for your own death but when you have assets, you want to decide what happens to them after you have passed away.  If you want to leave property, money or other assets for your family or loved ones, you can lay this all out in a will and with estate planning.  However, anything that people own, money they inherit or even trusts, or gifts received can be taxed.

This is known as inheritance tax and there is a threshold before this comes into play.  Once the value of the estate passes this amount, your loved ones could face a tax bill on the inheritance they receive.  But there are ways to legitimately avoid or reduce this with the right measures put in place.

Minimalize inheritance tax liability

Our expert advisers can help you minimalize this tax liability by planning ahead.  This includes looking at all the kinds of assets that you can be taxed on, payments from pension plans, gifts given within a certain period before death and assets held in trust.  We can help you plan your estate, see who will receive what and also factor in inheritance tax.

As experienced and qualified IFAs, we can give the best advice on a range of matters around inheritance tax and help you leave the best legacy for your loved ones.

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