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When you want to invest money, there are lots of considerations and different options.  Trying to make a choice can be tricky and that’s why working with local Portsmouth investment advisers is the best way.  We offer a range of investment services to help you make a sound decision and get the best possible return.

Portsmouth investment advisers


  • Tax-free and tax efficient investment options
  • Investing for growth, income or both
  • Onshore and offshore bonds
  • Guaranteed income and growth plans
  • Unit trust investments
  • School fee and further education provisions

Sound investment advice

Having money to invest is a great situation to be in but you still want to work with top professionals to make the most of it.  Cameron Asset Management Ltd are registered IFAs and can offer a range of professional opinions on the different investment options available.  We can help with both tax-free and tax efficient investment options to help make the most of the current regulations.  We also offer investing options for growth, for income or for both and help you understand what these mean.

If you are looking for particular types of investment, we can help.  These include onshore and offshore bonds, unit trust investments and guaranteed income and growth plans.  We also deal with ISAs and use the whole market to find the best option for you.

Lump sum or regular investments

Whether you are looking to invest a lump sum or want to make regular investments each month or quarter, we can offer different options and ideas for you.  Maybe you have a specific aim in mind such as saving for school fees or further education provisions.  Perhaps you are investing to give a return in retirement.  Whatever the case, we can help you plan.

Just give us a call today to arrange an appointment and we can chat about the best investment options for your money, no matter what the sum or your aims.

Financial advisers in Portsmouth

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